Tuesday, 2 December 2014


Our SleepOver

My favourite things that we did at the sleepover were the shelter making because it was extremely easy as I have had a lot of practice building bivouacs in scouts.  My other favourite was the survival kit because we got to run through the bush, tires and sand pit army style with a heavy bag on our backs & carrying a bucket filled with 5 full water bottles & a giant woolen blanket.  In my group were Vacha, Sophia, Aron, Sean & I.  Sean was our group leader.  In the trucker's hitch station I learned how to do the trucker's hitch and I almost got it.  the funniest thing was that in the first aid station I knew everything that Tiffany was talking about and nobody else knew anything about the type of first aid that Tiffany was talking about.  Something that I learnt about the school in England is that there school rules are extremely alike and that the most popular car in England is a mini.  The food at the Sleepover was delicious we had
pizza, popcorn, biscuits, sausage, toast, weet bix & cereal.  The most surprising bit was when people kept shining there torches up at the ceiling and mrs Melville had to try to track them down to take their torches  off them. The sleepover was realy fun & i hope we do somthing like it at farm cove.

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